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Pro Igel's Hedgehog Information Centre at "The Hedgehog house" in the German town of 30880 Laatzen near Hannover offered from 1998 to 2008 ten year long a permanent exhibition, unique in Germany, covering almost 100 m² displaying information on all aspects of the native hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus Linné, 1758). The aim of the exhibition was to increase awareness about the hedgehog and to ensure its protection as well as promoting a professional standard of care for all sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs.

Now we present the content of our former exhibition retrospective and for suggestion to all interested in public information about hedgehogs, hedgehog conservation and hedgehog care.

A hedgehog friendly garden looks like this

The tour takes you to a garden which is natural in design and beneficial for hedgehogs...

Igelfreundlicher Garten Igelfreundlicher Garten

... with even a pond and a feeding station.

Knowledge of evolution ... and biology

Big boards offer detailed and comprehensive information on these and many other subjects: For example you may like to look at the ancestors of the hedgehog...

Abstammung Biologie des Igels

... or study the board about the hedgehogs' biology.Learn how to sex a hedgehog, how they roll up, facts about hibernation or the construction of nests. There are answers to nearly everything you might ask.

All about hoglets ... and some exhibits

There is valuable information in words and pictures about hoglets, litter size and breeding season in Germany...

Igelbabys Präparate

... and there are also shown some preserved specimen of hedgehogs, within an albinotic one. A hedgehog's skeleton allows to study its build.

Hazards ... and care of hedgehogs in need of help

A main focus of the exhibition is the realistic representation of dangers to hedgehogs. Many hazards are demonstrated by illustrative material: gardening tools as well as a tyre...

Gefahren Igelbox und Futtervitrine

... and the proper housing and feeding of hedgehogs in need of help are demonstrated through an enclosure and on a realistic display table.

Studying literature ... and prickly art

You may be tempted to leaf through the books, and you may like to buy some of the inexpensive leaflets and booklets. A database of scientific literature is at the disposal of anyone who is interested. You can watch a video about hedgehogs, or you might like to take a look at our educational software "Hedgehogs Secret Companions of the Night"...

Bücherecke Igel in der Kunst

...or you may be interested in the posters with hedgehogs in art or music, in old encyclopaedias or in science. There are also some posters with greetings postcards, fairytale postcards, stamps and one with the unforgettable "Mecki".


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