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Hedgehogs are solitary, so each needs an enclosure of its own. Only very young hedgehogs from the same litter get along with each other until they are older. Later there is a danger of injury as they can bite each other and they will prevent others feeding. Once they weigh about 300g they should be separated from their siblings

Where to put the founding

The hedgehog enclosure should be kept in a well-aired room with natural light, normal humidity and a room temperature of 18-20 degrees. Hedgehogs are very sensitive to noise and sleep during the day. So the kitchen, children's room, workshop, garage, most cellars and store rooms are not suitable for the hedgehog in care. Under no circumstances should you let the hedgehog run free around the living room. They prefer to crawl into dark corners, behind cupboards and radiators, and then cannot get back out again, because their spines will prevent them, if they try to reverse.

The wild hedgehog should not come into contact with domestic pets. The reasons are: possible transmission of diseases, and the hedgehog will soon lose the instinct to roll up when he senses danger (for instance, when he meets a dog).

Hedgehog enclosure

A hedgehog enclosure should measure at least 2 m², it should be sturdy enough to withstand any escape attempt. The sides must be at least 45-50 cm high. The enclosure should be made of easy-to-clean, plastic coated chip- or hardboard and have a floor of the same material to provide insulation. The bottom of the enclosure should be covered with a thick layer of newspaper which must be replaced every day (don't use sawdust, woodshavings, or woodchips of any kind or peat etc).

Nest box

A small cardboard box approx 30cm in length serves as a nest box. Potato boxes are also suitable. The nest box should have a square entrance hole measuring 10 x10cm and a detachable lid and should be filled with plenty of crumpled newspaper which must be replaced when soiled (no straw, hay, cloths, or wood wool)

Kartoffelbox als Schlafhaus Care & hibernation

The hedgehog must hibernate when overwintered in the house, when he has reached the right weight (juveniles about 600-700g) and is healthy.

The nest box should be very well insulated and taken in the enclosure to a cold, weatherproof place. Even hibernators must be regularly checked. Read more about this under Hibernation in human custody.


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